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Understanding the e2f solution with a few examples

Integration Tools

Enterprise Search

(enables searching multiple information sources using popular search engines like Google Search Appliance, Microsoft Search Service and Open Source search engines)

MashUpComposer Framework

Database integration and unification, mash up's connecting existing information sources / systems. These systems are generally content management systems, issue tracking tools, CRM software etc)

CIO Helper

(A tool for the information/network services department to connect with the rest of the business.)

e2f Secure Authentication

(provides a secure mechanism of authentication for users using existing systems such as Microsoft Active Directory)


Personalization Tools

Drag and drop

to reorder portlets (Customization of look and feel)

Tag Cloud

(Understands the keywords that you are dealing with and provides relevant news and updates on these topics)

My Top 10

(Top 10 most used url's can be stored)

User Profiling

(Profile information of stakeholders including skills and interests)

Feed Baby

(subscribing to relevant information based on RSS)


Collaboration Tools

e2f Blog

(Encourages users to blog views and share information)

e2f Wiki

(Collaborative documentation tool) Social Bookmarks (del-icio-us and Digg style)

e2f Classifieds

buy and sell products and services)

Micro blogging

(Express yourself)

People Tracker

(Track what people who you are interested are doing)

People you may know

(Connecting people based on common interests, affiliations etc)

Public domain

network integration (Facebook, Twitter etc)


(enabling support services to connect with the rest of the organization)

Interest Groups

Allowing stakeholders to create groups based on their interests like photography, philately etc)

And these are just a few of the tools we are talking about.