Enterprise 2.0 & ZANEC

Some of the work we have done in Enterprise 2.0

The benefits that Enterprise 2.0 brings to the business as a result are:

  • ZION:- An enterprise 2.0 solution for a software product development company. Built on the Dot Net Nuke portal; This is used as an intranet for employees within an enterprise to Collaborate integrating other popular tools like world press blogs, HRM etc.
  • Clinician Gateway: - A portal solution that helps the Clinician Community to collaborate among themselves built on Microsoft Office SharePoint System 2007.
  • Works and Pensions Department: - A portal solution for a Public sector organization where the users can connect with the government.
  • Connect: - An Enterprise 2.0 solution for a large FTSE business that enabled the 5000 employees to collaborate with each other on our portal framework built using a combination of open source technologies and Oracle Webcenter portal framework