Benefits of e2f

  • Information Knowledge Often information is on the desktops or emails of people; e2f enables you to remove this problem and provides a friendly platform that people will use
  • As a growing company, there would be issues where people don't know each other? e2f helps networking and collaboration solving this problem
  • You have a rusty intranet portal that you are thinking of upgrading? We can help you do just that by taking it to the next level with collaboration and social networking concepts
  • You need some kind of a tool for the management and your support services (HR / Finance etc) to communicate and connect with the rest of the business. We help you do that by creating powerful and easy to use tools with e2f
  • You want your organization to mature and benefit by collaboration? We can help you achieve that via e2f
  • Your staff and customers are not interacting as expected and as a result customer dis-satisfaction comes into the picture? e2f provides a common platform for them to connect with each other with ease
  • Do you feel that you are lacking agility and collaboration in your business and as a result you are losing precious opportunities in the market today? e2f provides a solution via its solid platform that takes care of the collaboration problems and will allow you to focus on dealing with your real business objectives

e2f in action


Business Enterprises

It is Time to take a decision. We want to help you do it

Businesses (Enterprises) today are shifting from top down, hierarchical ways of working and managing information to distributed, agile, social collaborative work environments: Enterprise 2.0.

Enterprise 2.0 is currently at the early (but accelerating) adoption stage, where enormous competitive advantage will come to those who embrace the new tools and business cultures.

Your customers are increasingly collaborating online using Google, Facebook/ myspace social networking, eBay, etc. e2f provides a very similar collaboration platform where not just your staff and customers interact but various customers interact with each other and help each other to generate valuable information that will lead to better value for your business / services over a period of time.

If you are looking to move on to delivering value added services to your customers where rich interactions are possible e2f provides you the platform for such customization in very short timescales (exposing your services in a SaaS based model).

e2f provides a vast number of tools that will enable seamless integration with your existing content repositories, people and also shares this information with the right audience at the right time enabling them to make better decisions that would be more fruitful for your business.

At ZANEC, we have the expertise required to make this happen for you.